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Why should you donate?

Miloš makes free software that will always be free. Whether you donate or not will not change that. But it sure as hell could make a difference.

If you're using Miloš's sofware on a daily basis - you should consider making a symbolic donation since it's probably making your life easier. If you're using it for work and making money with the help of Miloš's sofware you should consider supporting further development.

What amount is appropriate?

Authors of free software often use paid tools and generally pay for a number of licenses on a monthly basis. Donating some money to their cause will simply motivate them to maintain, support and improve their free software, since even the smallest donation makes them feel like their work is being appreciated.

With that being said (or written, right?) anything from 10 to 50 EUR/USD will make a contribution. That doesn't mean the author would refuse a more considerable donation.

Do you get something?

Of course! You get an honest "thank you" in the form of a personalized email message (if you provide your email) and a public "thanks" the About section of an app or plugin and right here on this website.

And that's not all! You get that special feeling of doing the right thing, just like when you do something good. It's an awesome feeling.

How to donate?

If you have a PayPal account, you can make a direct transfer to the author's PayPal account here.

Thank You

A warm and sincere thanks to everyone who supported the author.

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