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Are you a web developer? Familiar with working on a large number of projects simultaneously? Surely, you are using versioning to make your life easy in terms of collaboration and deployment, but what about viewing different instances of the same app in your browser… have you ever changed something in the production instead in your local app instance? Ever messed up badly?

This convenient extension enables you to register an unlimited number of web applications you’re developing and define different instances with URLs for each one.

Types of Instances

You can register three different types of web app instances:

Once you registered your apps you will see a recognizable letter icon in the URL bar matching the instance type of the page you are currently browsing (L icon for local, S for staging and P for production). You will be able to click on it to see details about the specific app.

You are developing on different machines? No problem, your data is synced between browsers when you sign to Chrome with your Google account!


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